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Case Studies

This section provides access to a selection of Case Studies on School Bullying which have been analysed in the nine partner countries. Each case study analyses specific aspects of the personal experience of the actors involved in a bullying event: victims, bully students, other students, teachers, school directors, parents of the students involved, supporting experts, policy makers. Every case study is available both in English and in the national language.

Country in focus: Bulgaria

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Case Studies Description

A case of hydrocephaly English 08.12.2011
Случай на хидроцефалия Bulgarian 08.12.2011
It is important how you look! English 07.12.2011
Много е важно как изглеждаш! Bulgarian 07.12.2011
Grandma takes care of me English 06.12.2011
За мен се грижи баба Bulgarian 06.12.2011
Long term harassment towards a brother and sister English 05.12.2011
Дългогодишен тормоз срещу брат и сестра Bulgarian 05.12.2011
“Cyber defamation” English 05.12.2011
„Кибер-опозоряване” Bulgarian 05.12.2011
“The lying shepherd – or who's the bully here?” English 25.11.2011
“Лъжливото овчарче – или кой е насилникът в случая?” Bulgarian 25.11.2011
A case of violence described by Secondary school „Sava Dobroplodni”, Shumen English 25.11.2011
Случай на насилие описан от СОУ „Сава Доброплодни”, Шумен Bulgarian 25.11.2011
Situational game “This could have happened to me” English 24.11.2011
Ситуационна игра „Това можеше да се случи на мен” Bulgarian 24.11.2011
A case of violence on behalf of a teacher English 24.11.2011
Случай на насилие от страна на учител Bulgarian 24.11.2011
A case of psychological and physical harassment on sexual grounds English 22.11.2011
Случай на психически и физически тормоз на сексуална основа Bulgarian 22.11.2011
Group bullying at a secondary school in Sofia English 22.11.2011
Групов тормоз в Софийско училище Bulgarian 22.11.2011

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