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I Am Not Scared

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Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Don Lorenzo Milani
Name of the person involved in the event:
Adriana Battaglia and her team, Marinella Guzzetti, Massimiliano Branchini, Sara Pistolesi
Date of the event:
12 April 2011 - 12 April 2011
Type of Dissemination event:
Conference or Fair
Description of Dissemination Event:
Istituto "don Milani" organized a conference about legal citizenship with a special guest dott. G. Impastato, who is the brother of P. Impastato, a victim of mafia in the province of Palermo in 1978. During the conference it is underlined the courage necessary to face everyday difficulties, from the smallest to the biggest ones, from bullying to murders. Other people that took part in the conference are Mr Renna, town councillor, Mr De Iannello, lieutenat of the Army, lawyer Nicoli, headmasters E. Vaj, L. Ferrario, P. Tadiello, P. Neri.
Target group:
students attending the fifth school year of high schools in Tradate: Liiceo "Marie Curie", ITIS "L. Geymonat", ITPA "E. Montale", Vocational School of Tradate. Headmasters, Public Authorities. Citizens
Number of people reached by event:
about 200
Held in:
Tradate - Va, Italy
Outcomes and Results:
All participants listened to the conference with great interest. The received the brochures of the "I'm not scared" project.
Supporting Documents:

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