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A song with swear words

  • Direct bullying
  • Non-especific

In March 30th, 2011, after 6th classes three 7th grade boys were sitting of the bench. Darius walked up to them. All the boys were joking, making fun of each other until one boy created a song containing swear words. Darius surname was mentioned in this song. Darius started to cry and went away.


Parents informed, discussions with the victim, bully students and their parents were held.


The victim of bullying Darius doesn’t understand why his classmates bully him, nicknames him, doesn’t want to be friends with him, and tries to humiliate him in various different ways. While he was at school he was alone, sat alone and cried, but didn’t ask for help from anyone. After school he came back home and described the event to his parents.


The bullying classmates of Darius knew that he is very sensitive, he can become angry really fast and he reacts to the offensive words aimed towards him, he also doesn’t know how to defend himself. The boys looked at this situation as a joke and didn’t see more to and didn’t regret their behaviour it until they found out that social pedagogue and parents already know about this event.


The classmates knew that the boys had bullied Darius. Darius was studying in this school for first year. According to the classmates, Darius tried to fit in the class, looked for friends, he even did favours for them, but the boys somehow managed to create such situations that Darius always came out as a victim. He failed to find a real friend in the class, he seemed weird to the classmates because he told storied that were not real, so other students used them to bully Darius.


The teacher knew about the relationship among the boys. Darius was kindly asked to try to socialise with other classmates and try to not become involved in communication with the bully boys. Darius parents informed the school about the causes of changed schools. The teacher discussed this event with social pedagogue and other teachers. Other Darius teachers knew about Darius problems, followed his adaptation in the school and tried to react as soon as the conflicts emerged, always informed the teacher of the class and social pedagogue. The teacher of the class found out about this event during the next day from the social pedagogue.


The administration of the school were aware about Darius adaptation difficulties, asked teachers how it is going for him, gave suggestions how to improve his adaptation. They discussed the bullying event with the victim, his parents and the bully students.


Darius parents found out about bullying from their son. The boy didn’t tell them directly, but his mother noticed his sadness and started to question – then he told the story. The parents knew about the communication difficulties between Darius and his classmates, they stated that the situation was much better than the one in the old school, but they didn’t manage to leave the problems there. Darius parents came up to school, discussed with the principal, social pedagogue and the students that were involved in bullying.
The parents of the bully boys were called to come to school, but only one mother answered to that and showed up. Other parents didn’t respond in any way. The mother didn’t defend her son, but she also hadn’t any suggestions on how to transform, to modify this situation.


The social pedagogue knew about the situation between Darius and his classmates. The boy had already change the school under the demand from his parents because of continuous bullying. Darius has some serious health issues that make him stand out from his peers. Children use that and try to humiliate him. All teachers were informed about Darius problems. There were numerous discussions with Darius about his issues and the suggestions how to solve them were given. In this particular case, the social pedagogue noticed that Darius was crying and tried to get information on what had happened. She called out the classmates of Darius, and after the discussion with them she decided to contact their parents. She also talked with Darius parents.


The main point of described bullying event is that students’ social skills should be developed constantly and continuously. Pupils need more practical seminars about communication. They should be taught to constructively solve their problems, conflicts and act respectful when they emerge, to promote the right behaviour, to recognise it, to teach to evaluate their own behaviour. The bigger attention should also be paid to education of the parents so they should learn to communicate with the school.

Comments about this Case Study

Date: 11.05.2012

Posted by: LEILA SLIMANI - criminologist
Type of school: Youth rights service
Country: Belgium

The song created by the students against another student of their class seems to be an additional fact which shows the real difficulties of Darius in being accepted by his classmates.
The first element which strikes me is the fact that teachers and school administration had previously observed relationship difficulties. This raises the question of how the school attempted to respond. The conclusions of the text suggest making parents learn to communicate with the school. I think that the work should be done in both directions, and that the school, further, should also try to create links with parents.
In this situation, the young, victim of bullying, has not easily been able to talk about the problems he encountered. It would therefore be interesting to consider the places and means of communication that exist within the school. Furthermore, these spaces must be visible and implemented so as to reassure the student on what will be said there.
It is stated that Darius had already problems in his old school.
How has the transition between schools been made?
Was a follow-up been thought? Have the specific needs of the young been identified? Did Darius’ parents feel able to talk about their child's difficulties in his old school? I think these questions must be asked.
The behaviours of the students authors of bullying and of the parents of the students are really interpellants. There is no questioning of students. How is it possible, in such a situation, to work their questioning?
Parents of students are not mostly involved in the reaction to problematic behaviours of their child. How, in such a circumstance, to provide continuity between school and family? The problem here shows the importance of the relationship between individuals and the school, which, if absent, can cause a feeling of impunity of the young in relation to his actions.

Date: 14.03.2012

Posted by: Ana Popa
Type of school: Vocational School, School Group of Arts and Trades HUSI
Country: ROMANIA

Darius is a boy who became a victim of the bullies because his classmates create a song containing swear words and his name was mentioned in this song.
Why did they choose Darius as a victim?
I think they chose him because he is a new boy ,he is a kind of intruder who came to disturb them,that's why Darius must learn his lesson,that;s why they try to humiliate him in various different ways.He is not accepted by the rest of the class, maybe because Darius doesn't know how to improve his adaptation ,and there are some communication difficulties between Darius and his classmates.
In such a situation they need help.The school should maintain the relationship with their families and should encourage the dialog.These parents need to understand that is very important for their children to appreciate the value of the mutual respect,the value of friendship .Their parents should be a real example for their children because they are always tempted to do what they see in their families.
The school plays an important part in this situation.Different tools can be used:films, books,conversation about having friends,about being appreciated and about having real friends.They must understand what a real friend is:a person you can rely on whenever you need , a person who is always next to you :when you are happy or sad.

Date: 13.03.2012

Type of school: AEDE - European association of teachers
Country: Belgium

Bullying is recognized: numerous verbal and moral aggression (mockeries, humiliation, keeping the victim in the background, …) against a new pupil of the class, with a strange behaviour.
It seems that this pupil became, as time goes by, the underdog of the class or, in all cases, of some pupils. For these ones, it was just about “good jokes”, pleasantries against a oversensitive fellow student.
A main event (a song with offensive words): the victim had a hard time of it when he heard that song, and that has required a specific support from the school.
The description is inaccurate.
We just know that after the event, several discussions took place between the educative team (teachers, educator, headmaster’s office), the victim and the bullies.
We also learn that:
• the educative team had been informed, by the parents, of the victim’s behavioural problems and his difficulty to adapt himself
• the educative team intervened for the lesser event
• suggestions have been made to improve his adaptation and relational efforts have been been asked to him.
Unfortunately, the card does not show any indications on the continuation of this situation:
• Was the dialog sufficient? Did the relationships pacify in the class following the different discussions?
• What were the improvements suggested in order to facilitate his adaptation? Have they had the expected effect?
• Did the school call for external actors?
• Have sanctions been imposed on the bullies?
• Has Darius been supported for his relational difficulties?

• Finally, did he stay in this school? Did he become integrated?

As far as the victim is concerned, a work on his way to get in contact with the others seems relevant. This psychological support could have been carried out via the school or suggested to the parents.
The bullies should have been sanctioned, with a work of awareness regarding the seriousness of their acts as well as reparation. A follow-up should also have been set up. If they did not recognize the seriousness of their acts, they might start again.
The headmaster’s office should have intervened in the class to set an example, to remind everyone of the school rules (right to well-being and safety for everyone).
A work on the “group dynamic” would have been interesting to carry out with this class, by external psycho-social workers.

The conclusion of this card highlights that the pupils’ social skills have to be improved.
It would be useful to plan information sessions in the classes, organized by professionals on the following themes: respect of the others, acceptance of the differences, self-esteem, communication,…

Date: 07.03.2012

Posted by: Vera Tripodi
Type of school: High School
Country: Italia

The dynamic behavior, implemented by leading them to characterize the following aspects:
The victim-a boy with low self-esteem from not knowing how to implement the behavior of defense against bullies. Need for him a path of self-awareness that enables him to implement assertive behavior. Bully-boys who, having no self-esteem too, insist on their way to flaunt it using the taunt against the boy-victim, justifying this flawed way of doing it as an innocent joke (unawareness of the consequences of their behaviors). Teachers-their was an incorrect way of expression, and therefore not their responsibility as educators, as they have advised the boy to attend a victim-another group of guys. They were entitled to take action is against the bullies, and towards the boy-victim entrusting them to experts for a journey of self-awareness and to encourage the development of their self-esteem, and overcome their problems of adolescent insecurity. Parents of bullies-the indifference that has characterized their behavior, clearly reveals their inability to implement their role as educators for excellence. The authorities had to call them up to their responsibilities
Parent-child would have to be more effective in calling together the educators of the school, showing a model for the son of unmistakable courage and strength

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