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I Am Not Scared Website
Link to the I Am Not Scared project website, providing information and management tools addressed to the project partners.

Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)
European Commission Programme created to enable individuals at all stages of their lives to pursue stimulating learning opportunities across Europe.

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Agency Executive Agency (EACEA)
Official Website of the Executive Agency in charge of the management among others of the Life Long Learning Project

School Inclusion
The School Inclusion project support teachers in the prevention of early school leaving.

The aim of the LeTS Go project, promoted by ISIS Leonardo Da Vinci and coordinated by Pixel, is to promote an effective application of new technologies to the teaching and learning of foreign languages.
Web site:

Early School Leaving
School Bullying is one of the most relevant causes of the early school leaving phenomenon. The EU Member States work together to reduce the number of pupils who drop out before the end of secondary education.

Council recommendation on policies to reduce early
Early school leaving is an urgent and serious problem, both for individuals and society as a whole

Daphne Booklets
Issues and experiences in combating violence against children, young people and women

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