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Expert (Belgium)

I am very satisfied with my participation in the “I’m not scared” research because of the many available data and their systematic translation into French, the interesting bibliographical notions, the easy browsing on the portal. The monthly exchanges with the other partners were greatly rewarding and enabled me to further develop my questioning on school bullying. Communicating with the other countries involved gives the opportunity to think differently about a practical (preventive or not) resolution of the problem.

R. D.
Teacher (Belgium)

I was pleased to meet several actors of the education area to discuss our practices and our views of these practices, according to our status in the school and the sociocultural background of the school we belong to. I am satisfied with the conclusions of the group. They clearly and objectively render the discussions we had on the themes addressed. In addition, they are not limited to an observation, they mention concrete ideas to prevent or even contain the phenomenon of bullying

A. F.
Policy Maker (Greece)

The ‘I am not scared’ project was a very useful project. The bulling phenomenon is unfortunately continually expanding nowadays and it is a very important to exchange knowledge and experience in order to face the problem efficiently. The participation of different counties in the project offered the opportunity to exchange experience in a European level and it is important. I think that the National Reports, the European Report and the Case studies commented were very useful activities in the project. The National and European Strategies will be also very useful.

D. M.
Student (Greece)

I am a student of a high school in Patras. I think that the project ‘I am not scared’ was useful for the students, the teachers and the parents. In our school we face bulling problems but not often. In other schools the phenomenon is bigger. The case studies we discussed in our school with our teacher were very interested for me and I discussed these cases with my friends and my mother as well. The portal of the project is friendly and someone can find much information to study. The articles, the case studies and the good practice examples were very useful. My mother visited also the portal but she faced difficulties with the English language.

Parent (Greece)

I am the mother of a female student in a high school in Patras. The bulling problem is a very important for us as parents. We worry about our children’s safety. I studied some of the case studies of the project and I felt socked. How can a child be so cruel? Unfortunately in Greece there are not enough and suitable structures to support children, parents and teachers involved in such cases. It is very important to have good practice cases to study and to discuss with teachers. I found the information on the portal of the project very useful.

E. P.
Policy Maker (Greece)

The ‘I am not scared’ project was a positive innovation for the Greek educational society especially for the secondary level education. The bulling problem is a very important one, bulling against young people can be presents around us but most of us do not know how to handle the events, how to help our students. The project offered a real attempt for discussion on the problem. It was very good that teachers, students, parents, school directors, public authorities, experts from all over Europe were took part. The portal of the project is informative, easy to use and friendly.

K. P.
School Director (Greece)

As the Director of an evening vocational school I have faced many cases of bulling in the past as well as in the present. I am deeply interested in the project’s theme. I studied and commented cases during the project, discussed with the teachers and studied the material on the portal. I found very informative and useful the paper review, the case studies, the good practice examples.

A. G.
Expert (Greece)

The ‘I am not scared’ project was an important attempt to inform teachers, students, parents, school directors, public authorities, experts about the bulling problem and put topics for discussion exchanging opinions and experience all over Europe. The case study database on the portal is rich including a variety of cases in schools with useful comments coming from experts. I think that the attempt to compose National and European strategies is very important.

N. A.
Teacher (Greece)

I found the project ‘I am not scared’ useful. The bulling phenomenon is a problem in the everyday life of many people today. It is very important to have the opportunity to study and discuss case studies from other schools and countries, to exchange ideas, methods and good practices. I found the paper reviews uploaded on the portal very useful as well as the case studies and the cases of good practice. I will study the National and European Strategy as well. The portal of the project is not difficult to use it and someone can find information easily.

N. F.
Expert (Greece)

The project was a useful one involving teachers, students, public authorities, experts and discussing problems all over Europe. The website “I am not scared project” has many information and advantages.

P. X.
Student (Greece)

I think that the project ‘I am not scared’ was interest and useful. Many students around us face bulling problems at school or out of school. The case studies we discussed in our school with our teacher were useful because we discussed the suggestions of the experts and the public authorities, the views of the students and the activities of the teachers and the director in each case. The portal is easy to use, friendly and with useful information. I could find easily what I needed to study.

S. M.
Teacher (Greece)

Ι τhink that the portal is very interactive. The disseminations , the results and the case studies of the other countries are interested and everyone could find them very easy.

B. V.
Student (Italy)

I saw the portal “I am not scared” and I think that it is important because bullying is a problem to be fought. On the portal you’ll find all the information you need on how to tackle the problem. From the portal I expect to find any comments, personal experiences and statistics on that problem that every day crowds the Italian school.

V. B.
Parent (Italy)

I am the president of the board of the Institute Don Milani (Tradate) and I have to say that the project portal is useful, well built and easy to use. You can find important information, best practices and cases reports that can be queried to improve your own knowledge and tackle the problem of bullying. It is important to know for parents, students and professionals of the school that they are not left alone to deal with this problem.

M. S.
Parent (Italy)

I am the president of the board of the Primary Institute of Faloppio (CO) and I believe that the project portal is useful, well built and easy to use. You can find important information, best practices and cases reports that can be queried to improve your own knowledge and tackle the problem of bullying. It is important to know for parents, students and professionals of the school that they are not left alone to deal with this problem.

M. R.
Student (Italy)

I saw the portal “I am not scared” and I think that it is important because bullying is a problem to be fought. On the portal you’ll find all the information you need on how to tackle the problem. From the portal I expect to find any comments, personal experiences and statistics on that problem that every day crowds the Italian school.

N. M. A.
Expert (Italy)

My job deals with youth uneasiness and bullying events. I cooperate with the juvenile court in Milan as well as social local communities that help underaged people. I’m very interested on bullying phenomenon and your portal project.

M. P.
Teacher (Italy)

I think that the project portal is a very important tool in teaching. Many problems about bullying can be faced throught the experiences reports collected on the portal.

P. L. L.
School Director (Italy)

I am the headteacher of a high school. I saw the portal and I found it interesting especially for the information about case studies and the differences among the countries. I think that this is a huge problem to be fought and in the portal I can find out suggestions on how to face the problem at school.

M. Z.
Teacher (Italy)

Web portals are today important issues in web engineering, taking into consideration sources. This web portal presents a significant variety of features, complexity of structure, and plurality of offered services where to find decription of best practices available in Europe on the bullying issue and training in the school sector; solution to school bullying cases sector; solutions to school bullying cases, sector and above all a Virtual Community for knowledge sharing experience

S. R.
School Director (Italy)

I am school director of a high school. I visited the project portal “I am not scared” and I also read the book “Battle against school bullying”. Both items are crucial for our job and I think that not only headmasters but also all teachers should read the book and visit the portal to become aware of how dangerous this phenomenon is.

T. P. V.
Teacher (Spain)

Strong point would highlight interesting database that was generated by the contribution of teachers in all countries. Thanks to her we have a source of resources to help us resolve conflicts at school.

C. J. P. F.
Teacher (Spain)

The website is well implemented and fairly complete, with a lot of information of cases of various types and situations.

M. F.
Teacher (Spain)

It seems a very comprehensive platform especially paragraph case study, where multiple cases in different situations and also highlight the book reviews on the subject. I also find it very interesting point of good practice because it contributes to a more positive view of the subject seeing possible ways of dealing with these situations.

M. C. P.
Teacher (Spain)

Strong points: The strength of the project is the possibility of information and case studies in different contexts. Developing solutions to families and teachers involved. The relationship of the bullying in different roles with academic performance.

R. M. C.
Teacher (Spain)

Cases and methods presented are well chosen in my opinion, serve very widespread problems.

J. C.
School Director (UK)

The project portal is a really useful resource for anyone working to reduce school bullying. Of particular importance are the resources and guidance for Cyberbullying which is becoming more prevalent and which is particularly difficult to deal with in schools because of the 24/7 nature of this type of bullying. Another strength of the portal is the variety of Case Study examples, coming not only from the UK but also from the other European partners and it is helpful to look at the different strategies used in other countries.

A. F. J.
Teacher – Anti Bullying Lead (UK)

The Pixel Project has been a valuable experience for our school. It enabled us to participate in discussion with children, parents and colleagues about Bullying. Any project like this is fantastic at raising the Anti-Bullying work in schools in the UK and Europe. The chance to share good practice with our European partners helped to embed our campaign with regard to Bullying and highlighted the differences that we share. Sharing the case studies enabled us to evaluate our practice to ensure that we are dealing with all cases of bullying correctly. Roger & Mick have been professional leads for us in the UK and the final ‘National Strategy’ has shown that it was and is a worthwhile project.

M. G.
Expert (UK)

The portal is proving to be a useful resource, pulling together best practice and ideas for ongoing developments. It is helping to keep anti-bullying a ‘live’ issue, increasing understand of the reasons behind it and providing information on proactive, holistic approaches to improve the school environment. Data reflecting on the emotional backdrop to the issues and which demonstrates the efficacy of interventions that sit alongside the standard school structures, eg. independent counselling support, are particularly helpful.

J. L.
Parent (UK)

I am pleased our school has been involved in this anti-bullying project and one of the strengths is that they have taken the trouble to include parents and find out how parents of bullies and how parents of victims feel.

H. R.
Teacher (UK)

The strengths are the bullying scenarios which can be found easily using the filters eg direct bullying, homophobic bullying. These can advise on possible actions by teachers. The selection of good practices on school bullying is also an invaluable resource for proactive work concerning bullying.The publications are also extremely easy to use and find.

B. R.
Teacher (UK)

This has been a very worthwhile project. I think the strengths are the anti-bullying resources and tips available on the web site. I also think the Case Studies are very good and it is interesting and helpful to know the different strategies used in other countries.

E. S.
Teacher (UK)

I found the project very easy to access, informative and useful in our quest to combat school bullying. It was time consuming but the students, parents and staff all benefitted from this. An on going resource we will be able to use in the future

A. T.
Student (UK)

From the point of view of a student I found it reassuring that people across Europe recognized and were working on this problem. I found it interesting to read case studies especially about things like cyberbullying which is very topical.

C. T.
Teacher (UK)

Strengths – the Case Studies provide rich ethnographic evidence that is easier to comprehend than statistics; it is possible as a teacher to identify with at least some of the incidents described and use the strategies tried and tested, to good effect in ‘real life. I look forward to seeing the completed ‘European Strategy to Combat School Bullying’.

P. L.
Policy Maker (UK)

I think that this is a really important initiative that is being undertaken and promoted by Wilsthorpe, particularly, that under the new Ofsted framework Anti Bullying is being given an increased profile. The project web site will be a useful resource for staff at all levels in schools and in particular the ‘real life’ case studies which show the the similarities and variences in the ways bullying is tackled across Europe.

M. F.
School and CPMS Administrative Body (Belgium)

The methodology that was used made it possible to gather many interesting testimonials and to confront them with the analyses of the participants to the project. It made us stand back, which enabled us to identify obstacles and helps to handle bullying phenomena. The exchange between participants also made it possible to highlight the devices implemented by schools: internal reschooling service, listening space, projects for citizenship, internal and external mediation, education council… Besides, by looking at what happens in other countries, we were able to explore several possibilities to implement a real prevention policy for the problem of bullying.

P. M.
Expert (Bulgaria)

Exceptionally attractive and useful international project site “I’m not scared”;

  • Accessible educative project tools;
  • Qualitative and professional methodic help on the side of Zinev Art Technologies – Bulgaria, official project partner for Bulgaria
The work of Pupil Referral Unit “P.R. Slaveikov” – Bulgaria for the project “I Am Not Scared” have greatly enriched the special education as a whole and the education and upbringing of pupils with many disabilities in my school in particular. The project is an incredible book that should be reviewed and read by all of us if we want to live in a non-violent and tear free world.

A. I.
Expert (Bulgaria)

That platform is quite convenient for work. The uploaded materials allow to exchange experience and to enrich one’s knowledge. The idea of such experience exchange and sharing of results helps to enrich the information base and to develop and improve not only teachers’ social skills and knowledge, but everyone’s general attitude, if they have an interest in self-improvement in this field.

K. V.
Student (Bulgaria)

I found it very interesting. I was feeling good, even satisfied, because I think I personally did good and learned many useful things.

G. Y.
Student (Bulgaria)

The game was really entertaining and interesting. I very much liked the fact that everyone were trying out a different approach to earn the victim’s trust.

G. G.
Student (Bulgaria)

I was a real fun. I personally was feeling really good and free. I would like to participate in the simulation again.

Z. A.
Student (Bulgaria)

I was feeling quite insecure during the game. Anyways, it was very interesting and somehow elusive.

N. N.
School Director (Bulgaria)

We consider the web-portal extremely valuable. We went through all information provided after the informational seminar in Rakovski and are grateful that such a well organized and useful database of resources and analysed cases of bullying exists. We and have already included the experts from Zinev Art Technologies in one of the seminars, scheduled for our school in October 2012, at which we requested them to present the project and its results before the entire school staff.

M. G.
Parent (Bulgaria)

Considering the fact that most of us, at one point or another, face the behavioral problems of children, the results of the “I am not scared” project are warmly welcomed by the entire parental community. We are sure that dedicating time to carefully studying the results of the project and the available resources of the rich portal will bring great benefits to all of us as parents and humans.

I. G.
Policy Maker (Bulgaria)

A great project which I believe will bring valuable information to the schools in our municipality. As law enforcers we are doing everything in our power to keep the order and the good relations among the children and youths at school, but things are not too easy all of the time. So the results of the “I am not scared” will benefit our work considerably. The web-portal is considered extremely useful and we are grateful to the BG partner, who translated quite a lot of the information provided by the other partners as far as case studies and comments is concerned.

A. A.
Teacher (Romania)

I think that all schools should benefit from the project findings. It is an excellent project which deserves to be promoted!

A. N.
Student (Romania)

I personally found the project very interesting and appealing to a wide diversity of children. The project background information draws attention to the issue, which is neglected in most schools, whereas the stories written by users add practical value supported by credible experience.

A. R.
Teacher (Romania)

My opinion is that schools do not have a clear plan or strategy to deal with bullying, which is common and should not be hidden. The project tries to fill in this gap by providing useful information and presenting real cases accompanied by useful solutions.

A. C.
Teacher (Romania)

The project portal has a very good database of publications, including laws and regulations, which is a very important aspect for those interested. Another important aspect is that the case studies on school bullying analyzed in this project are available both in English and in the national language; the national language has a greater impact on the people from the respective country and fosters the verity of the facts. The news heading is very useful for those who want to stay connected and who are really interested in the project. The portal is very well organized and it’s easy to have access to information about the project.

C. F.
Parent (Romania)

The site “I’m not scared” I found very useful because I have seen real cases and solutions, cases that can be helpful in the event that something like that happens. The site provides us with information and good practices models that can help to solve problematic situations. The website provides links where you can find reviews of books where you can find information to combat and prevent violence.

D. L. G.
Teacher and School Director (Romania)

Methods are designed to help youth make better decisions and choices through education. It also encourages them to get involved with the political process and school system. Children will learn how to manage their own conflicts and develop methods to assimilate non-violent relationship building Students learn about alternatives to violence and practice what they learn through school and community service projects. As they participate in activities, students learn crime prevention and conflict management skills and the virtues of good citizenship, civility, and nonviolence.

D. T.
Student (Romania)

I think the project is very interesting and original. It draws our attention towards bullying and its causes. It helped me understand why it happens in schools and taught me how to react when such things take place in our school. I learned that we should not neglect them and ask for help. I particularly liked the cases which present cases of bullying all over Europe.

M. G. A.
Teacher and Expert (Romania)

In my opinion the study of aggression in schools has reached critical points but do not overlook the fact that a deflection behavior clearly suggests an imbalance in the child's life be it emotional, social, family, etc.. I believe that if they would put more emphasis on teaching assertive communication tactics and acceptance of diversity of any kind would decrease the percentage of student violence that ultimately is "tabula rasa" and any behavior is acquired through learning.

I. D.
Student (Romania)

I found the project very useful because it provides children, parents and teachers with hands-on information about bullying. Its strongest point is the presentation of real cases where those interested can find solutions suitable for their own situation.

M. A.
Student (Romania)

I think that the project is a good initiative because if children keep silent, bullying will never be stopped while this way they will be encouraged to defend themselves and not to be scared of standing their ground. Bullying needs to be stopped and this is a very good way to make people aware of the trauma some children go through just because there are some who think they are better than everybody and all people should live by fearing them. If you take attitude bullies will step back and leave you alone.

M. T.
Teacher (Romania)

I think that site "I'm Not Scared" meets the needs of students and teachers against violence in schools. Very interesting I thought were case studies and models of good practice, with some of current situation I encountered in daily work on the class. Another advantage of the site is the involvement of different educational cultures, being able to prevent problematic situations after thorough study of the European strategy to combat violence in schools. School violence could be greatly diminished if most teachers would receive this as a reality of today and should apply methods that address student motivation and not punishing them immediately.

M. L.
Student (Romania)

I found the project very useful in a practical way. I even used the information and advice suggested to solve my sisters’ problem with a bully. Thank you!

M. M.
Student (Romania)

I think that the project is very educational and helpful for those who are in need. It helps them realize that it is not a bad thing if you speak up and ask for help.

O. G.
Teacher and Parent (Romania)

Contemporary society offers children and adults multiple challenges. Avalanche of information and multiple ways stimulus that cause many times behavioral disorders, is focused on the violence, whether physical verbal or otherwise. Teachers along with parents have to find strategies to combat or to stop violence in schools. Site "I'm Not Scared" offers through case studies, possible situations that can be applied in situations of violence. The fact that the materials are presented in several languages is that the information is accessible to a greater number of people interested in solving the problem.

S. V.
Student (Romania)

That was very interesting project because everybody was sincere and admitted the existence of bullying in schools. Personally I found the cases useful because they look deeper into real situations trying to find their cause and solutions.

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