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Case Studies

This section provides access to a selection of Case Studies on School Bullying which have been analysed in the nine partner countries. Each case study analyses specific aspects of the personal experience of the actors involved in a bullying event: victims, bully students, other students, teachers, school directors, parents of the students involved, supporting experts, policy makers. Every case study is available both in English and in the national language.

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Case Studies Description

Analysis of school bullying English 23.02.2012
Analiză asupra fenomenului violenţei şcolare Romanian 23.02.2012
Violența pe internet Romanian 23.02.2012
First days of school - violence between students English 10.02.2012
Primele zile de scoala - violente intre elevi Romanian 07.02.2012
Ginčas peraugęs į muštynes Lithuanian 06.02.2012
“Innocence in its purest form” English 05.02.2012
“Between a rock and a hard place” English 30.01.2012
“Searching for solutions” English 25.01.2012
Say NO to violence! English 24.01.2012
Nicolas: assaulted, robbed, raped English 24.01.2012
Agresorul agresat Romanian 24.01.2012
Online Bullying English 23.01.2012
Nicolas: aggredito, derubato, violentato Italian 23.01.2012
Empowering students to prevent violent behavior English 23.01.2012
Mockeries, insulting drawing and tussles against a studious boy (15 years old) English 23.01.2012
“Be careful with the ‘net!” English 23.01.2012
Vexations, threats, verbal and physical aggressions from 9 boys (13 years old) to reject another pupil out of their group (the bullying has led to pull down his pants in the classroom) English 23.01.2012
Sexual bullying between pupils in primary school English 23.01.2012
Responsabilizarea elevilor pentru a evita comportamente violente Romanian 22.01.2012
Să spunem NU violenţei! Romanian 21.01.2012
Case of Dysfunctional Behaviour in Primary School English 20.01.2012
The bully bullied English 20.01.2012
“I am like you” English 20.01.2012
“Leave me alone - i’m different, that’s all!” English 20.01.2012
Young boy victim of bullying due to overweight and who could finally be treated for this disease English 19.01.2012
Cases of abuse from older students to new students English 19.01.2012
Hold over the girls by the boys of the class group English 19.01.2012
Cyber-bullying towards a young girl and a teacher on Facebook English 19.01.2012
The school responsible for the safety of the students English 19.01.2012
Scoala responsabila pentru siguranta elevilor Romanian 19.01.2012
Inappropriate talks and gestures, threats, sexual aggression from a young boy towards a girl of the 3rd year in secondary school English 19.01.2012
Verbal bullying (especially by SMS) between girls due to rivalry and jealousy English 19.01.2012
Bullying between two families through their children who are pupils in the same primary school English 19.01.2012
Racket and threats towards a new pupil in specialized education English 19.01.2012
Verbal and physical aggressions on a teenager during several years by a group of people (young and adult people) English 18.01.2012
Episodi di “nonnismo” sulle matricole Italian 18.01.2012
The use of drugs among students English 18.01.2012
Consumul de etnobotanice in randurile elevilor Romanian 17.01.2012
Tulburari de comportament la un elev de scoala primara Romanian 17.01.2012
the case of a student who was theatened and beaten to extort money from him English 17.01.2012
Agressions verbales et physiques envers une adolescente par un groupe de personnes jeunes et adultes, pendant plusieurs années French 17.01.2012
Racket et menaces envers un nouvel élève dans l'enseignement spécialisé French 16.01.2012
Moqueries, dessins insultants et bagarres à l'encontre d'un élève studieux âgé de 15 ans French 16.01.2012
Brimades, menaces, agressions physiques de la part d'un groupe de 9 garçons (13 ans) refusant d'accueillir un autre élève dans leur groupe (l'élève a finalement été déculotté en classe) French 16.01.2012
Jeune garçon victime de harcèlement en raison de son surpoids et qui a fini par quitter l’école pour aller dans un Centre de Soins French 16.01.2012
Main mise sur le groupe des filles par les garçons de la classe French 16.01.2012
Cyber-harcèlement envers une jeune fille et un enseignant sur Facebook French 16.01.2012
Propos et gestes inappropriés, menaces, agression sexuelle de la part d'un jeune garçon envers une fille de 3ème année secondaire French 16.01.2012
Harcèlement verbal entre filles (principalement via des SMS agressifs) à cause de rivalités et de jalousies French 16.01.2012
Harcèlement entre deux familles à travers leurs enfants qui sont élèves dans la même école primaire French 16.01.2012
Harcèlement sexuel entre élèves à l'école primaire French 16.01.2012
The social background - source of bullying English 14.01.2012
when a mental deficiency becomes a reason for bullying English 13.01.2012
quando il deficit cognitivo diventa causa di bullismo Italian 13.01.2012
Mediul de provenienta – sursa a violentelor scolare Romanian 12.01.2012
Muštynės dėl apkalbų Lithuanian 12.01.2012
Violenta – descoperita de elevi, uitata de profesori Romanian 10.01.2012
Violence – discovered by students, forgotten by teachers English 10.01.2012
In una scuola professionale il caso di uno studente taglieggiato e picchiato Italian 10.01.2012
"Do not judge me without know" English 09.01.2012
"Help me to be like the others" English 09.01.2012
“Jorge is not alone” English 09.01.2012
"why do you not play with me?" English 09.01.2012
VIOLENŢA - O lectie ce nu trebuie invatata Romanian 09.01.2012
Alessandra: a case of stalking English 04.01.2012
Marco's gang English 04.01.2012
Is it better to receive information or to be informed? English 04.01.2012
Bullying on Facebook English 04.01.2012
Meglio acquisire conoscenze o avere conoscenze ... ? Italian 02.01.2012
Appearance is Everything English 01.01.2012
Cyberbullying - Pretending to be 'her' English 01.01.2012
Ο ζωηρός και ο ήρεμος Greek 31.12.2011
The lively and the calm English 31.12.2011
Ανεπιθύμητη Εγκυμοσύνη Greek 31.12.2011
Unwanted Pregnancy English 31.12.2011
«Οι άντρες έτσι καθαρίζουν» Greek 31.12.2011
«This is the way men act…» English 31.12.2011
Bullying because of provoking appearance English 30.12.2011
Bullied because of having talents English 30.12.2011
Changing school enviroment English 30.12.2011
Changing school enviroment Greek 30.12.2011
«I'll show you …» English 30.12.2011
«Θα σου δείξω εγώ…» Greek 30.12.2011
Μary is leaving school English 30.12.2011
Η Μαρία εγκαταλείπει το σχολείο Greek 30.12.2011
Μία ρατσιστική διένεξη Greek 30.12.2011
Α racist controversy English 30.12.2011
A boy seeking for trouble English 30.12.2011
Ρατσιστική διαμάχη Greek 30.12.2011
A case of racism English 30.12.2011
“Η ανθρώπινη αξιοπρέπεια στα σκουπίδια” Greek 30.12.2011
“Human dignity in rubbish” English 30.12.2011
Το κοινωνικό δίκτυο δημιουργεί προβλήματα Greek 30.12.2011
Τhe social network creates problems English 30.12.2011
Η αντιπαράθεση μεταξύ των δύο γυναικών Greek 30.12.2011
Τhe confrontation between two women English 30.12.2011
Homophobic Bullying English 30.12.2011
Issues of Transfer from Primary to Secondary School English 30.12.2011
A Knife In School English 29.12.2011
Girls Name Calling English 29.12.2011
A Long History of Bullying English 29.12.2011
Bullying on the School Bus English 29.12.2011
Bullying in a Science Lesson English 29.12.2011
No Love Lost - bullying over a long period English 29.12.2011
Lack of self-confidence English 29.12.2011
Physical violence used because of the splash with water English 28.12.2011
Dvynių nesutarimai Lithuanian 27.12.2011
Twins' disputes English 27.12.2011
"¡Déjame en paz, soy diferente y nada más!" Spanish 25.12.2011
“¡Ten cuidado con la red!” Spanish 25.12.2011
“Buscando una solución” Spanish 25.12.2011
“Entre la espada y la pared” Spanish 24.12.2011
“Inocencia en estado puro” Spanish 24.12.2011
“Soy como tú” Spanish 24.12.2011
“Jorge no está sólo” Spanish 23.12.2011
una spiacevole questione in una scuola multietnica di Milano Italian 23.12.2011
“Ayúdame a ser como las demás” Spanish 19.12.2011
"¿Por qué no juegas conmigo?" Spanish 19.12.2011
“No me juzgues sin saber” Spanish 19.12.2011
A song with swear words English 12.12.2011
A case of hydrocephaly English 08.12.2011
Случай на хидроцефалия Bulgarian 08.12.2011
It is important how you look! English 07.12.2011
Много е важно как изглеждаш! Bulgarian 07.12.2011
Grandma takes care of me English 06.12.2011
За мен се грижи баба Bulgarian 06.12.2011
La banda di Marco Italian 05.12.2011
Caso Deffenu Italian 05.12.2011
Deffenu case English 05.12.2011
Long term harassment towards a brother and sister English 05.12.2011
Дългогодишен тормоз срещу брат и сестра Bulgarian 05.12.2011
“Cyber defamation” English 05.12.2011
„Кибер-опозоряване” Bulgarian 05.12.2011
Susistumdymas dėl aptaškymo balos vandeniu Lithuanian 05.12.2011
Offensive content message sent to 8 friends English 02.12.2011
Teenage pregnancy English 01.12.2011
A bad affaire in a multiethnical school in Milan English 30.11.2011
“The lying shepherd – or who's the bully here?” English 25.11.2011
“Лъжливото овчарче – или кой е насилникът в случая?” Bulgarian 25.11.2011
A case of violence described by Secondary school „Sava Dobroplodni”, Shumen English 25.11.2011
Случай на насилие описан от СОУ „Сава Доброплодни”, Шумен Bulgarian 25.11.2011
Situational game “This could have happened to me” English 24.11.2011
Ситуационна игра „Това можеше да се случи на мен” Bulgarian 24.11.2011
A case of violence on behalf of a teacher English 24.11.2011
Случай на насилие от страна на учител Bulgarian 24.11.2011
Vaikinas ieškantis problemų Lithuanian 24.11.2011
Paauglės nėštumas ir patyčios Lithuanian 24.11.2011
Alessandra: caso di stalking Italian 23.11.2011
Bullismo su Facebook Italian 22.11.2011
A case of psychological and physical harassment on sexual grounds English 22.11.2011
Случай на психически и физически тормоз на сексуална основа Bulgarian 22.11.2011
Group bullying at a secondary school in Sofia English 22.11.2011
Групов тормоз в Софийско училище Bulgarian 22.11.2011
Mergaitė, kuri neturi bendravimo įgūdžių Lithuanian 21.11.2011
Students don't like sneaks English 16.11.2011
Tyčiojasi, nes nepasitiki savimi Lithuanian 15.11.2011
Mokiniai nemėgsta skundikų Lithuanian 15.11.2011
Talentai sukelia pavydą Lithuanian 09.11.2011
Tyli naujokė: ryškus makiažas ir iššaukiantys drabužiai Lithuanian 09.11.2011
Konfliktas peraugęs į muštynes Lithuanian 04.11.2011
Įžeidžianti žinutė Lithuanian 04.11.2011
Sukurta pašiepianti daina su keiksmažodžiais Lithuanian 04.11.2011

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