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Experts and counsellors are involved in the I Am Not Scared Project. They contribute to the creation of the case studies database providing their own point of view of the bullying event. At the same time they benefit from a more in depth and practical oriented approach to the understanding of the group and personal dynamics that are behind the bullying episodes, of what role they can play to address the issue.

Name and Surname

Françis Mulder, school mediator Belgium
Joëlle Keuser, counsellor Belgium
Claude Prignon, coordinator of school mediators Belgium
Rachel Dupont, counsellor Belgium
Olgierd Kuty, professor Belgium
Stéphane Fortemps, counsellor Belgium
Christine Cuvelier, public relation officer Belgium
Martine Prignon, counsellor Belgium
Jean-François Servais, counsellor Belgium
Vogeleer Stéphane, counsellor Belgium
Grimee Isabelle, counsellor Belgium
Brosteau Chantal, counsellor Belgium
Christophe Bourgeois, school mediator Belgium
Alik Spahiev, pedagogical advisor Bulgaria
RumyanaTsvetanova Bukovalova, pedagogical advisor Bulgaria
Desislava Kapitanova, pedagogical advisor Bulgaria
Antonia Tsokova, counsellor Bulgaria
Diana Krasteva Rajkova, psycologist Bulgaria
Stefan Bichev, pedagogical advisor Bulgaria
Petia Marcheva, psycologist Bulgaria
Rositsa Dimova, counsellor Bulgaria
Ludmila Ivanova, pedagogical advisor Bulgaria
Tsvetana Ivanova Krusteva, pedagogical advisor Bulgaria
Roza Todorova Stankevich, pedagogical advisor Bulgaria
Nedelcho Nedelchev, pedagogic advisor Bulgaria
Katerina Zankova, psycologist Bulgaria
Stephan Kolbe, counsellor Germany
Monika Wendtlandt, psychologist Germany
Sibylle Sehner, counsellor Germany
Aglaia Georgopoulou, social worker Greece
Maria Biliani, social worker Greece
Nemis Felonis, teacher Greece
Tryfon Nikolopoulos, counsellor Greece
Ioannis Stratoulias, psychiatrist Greece
Christina Kaouri, psycologist Greece
Euridiki Papazoglou, counsellor Greece
Ioannis Dimakos, professor Greece
Konstantina Georgiou, teacher Greece
Konstantinos Kallignomos, teacher Greece
Francesca Parini, counsellor Italy
Antonella Bisiach, counsellor Italy
Saveria Tripodi, teacher Italy
Ilaria Folci, counsellor Italy
Michela Prando, pedagogist Italy
Marzia Lucia Bizzaro, psycologist Italy
Valerie Elizabeth Moretti, counsellor Italy
Angela Botta, counsellor Italy
Valentina Crespi, counsellor Italy
Lelia Mazzotta Natale, counsellor Italy
Paolo Colianni, psychotherapist Italy
Alessandra Capra, psichopedagogist Italy
Dovilė Jankūnaitė, counsellor Lithuania
Justina Stakauskaitė, counsellor Lithuania
Laura Vaškevičiūtė, counsellor Lithuania
Raimonda Petrolienė, counsellor Lithuania
Vytautė Užaitė, social worker Lithuania
Ausra Nesteroviene, methodologist Lithuania
Vilma Butkutė, counsellor Lithuania
Dalia Dzigienė, pedagogist Lithuania
Sigita Čirvinskaitė, psychologist Lithuania
Donata Vaitelytė-Gobikienė, social pedagogist Lithuania
Ingrida Pilkionienė, psychologist Lithuania
Vaida Kvietkauskaitė, psychologist Lithuania
Asta Miklaševičiūtė, councellor Lithuania
Daniela Speranta Robota, counsellor Romania
Dumitrache Dana, counsellor Romania
Giorgiana – Alexandra Mazareanu, counsellor Romania
Maricica Buzescu, counsellor Romania
Ramona Cîrşmari, counsellor Romania
Poraicu Anca Marina, psychologist Romania
Luca Anca Nicoleta, psychologist Romania
Ioachim Magdalina, counsellor Romania
Sirbuletu Theodor, counsellor Romania
Cărăuşu Claudia, counsellor Romania
Brebulet Silviu Daniel, counsellor Romania
Claudia Raluca Ciobotaru, counsellor Romania
Mihai Liliana- Jeny, counsellor Romania
Novae Maria, counsellor Romania
Pricopi Raluca Stefania, counsellor Romania
Ana Extramiana Cameno, educational advisor Spain
Baltasar Gómez Nadal, counsellor Spain
Blanca Gómez Verástegui, teachers' advisor Spain
Gertrudis Moreno Hernández, counsellor Spain
Sebastián Quesada Avilés, counsellor Spain
Mª Victoria Fernández Roldán, educational advisor Spain
Ana Cobos Cedillo, counsellor Spain
Araceli Suárez Muñoz, counsellor Spain
Josefina Ruiz Beltrán, educational advisor Spain
Rosa Torres Rosado, counsellor Spain
Ruth López Baena, counsellor Spain
Peter Saddington, counsellor United Kingdom
David Tanner, counsellor United Kingdom
Emma Yates, counsellor United Kingdom
Debbie Adams, counsellor United Kingdom
Vicky Bell, counsellor United Kingdom
Marian Iseard, counsellor United Kingdom
Sandy Hopton, counsellor United Kingdom
Rik Meehan, counsellor United Kingdom
Sue Towers, counsellor United Kingdom
Jo Chadwick, counsellor United Kingdom

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