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Case Studies

This section provides access to a selection of Case Studies on School Bullying which have been analysed in the nine partner countries. Each case study analyses specific aspects of the personal experience of the actors involved in a bullying event: victims, bully students, other students, teachers, school directors, parents of the students involved, supporting experts, policy makers. Every case study is available both in English and in the national language.

Country in focus: Italy

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Case Studies Description

Nicolas: assaulted, robbed, raped English 24.01.2012
Nicolas: aggredito, derubato, violentato Italian 23.01.2012
Cases of abuse from older students to new students English 19.01.2012
Episodi di “nonnismo” sulle matricole Italian 18.01.2012
the case of a student who was theatened and beaten to extort money from him English 17.01.2012
when a mental deficiency becomes a reason for bullying English 13.01.2012
quando il deficit cognitivo diventa causa di bullismo Italian 13.01.2012
In una scuola professionale il caso di uno studente taglieggiato e picchiato Italian 10.01.2012
Alessandra: a case of stalking English 04.01.2012
Marco's gang English 04.01.2012
Is it better to receive information or to be informed? English 04.01.2012
Bullying on Facebook English 04.01.2012
Meglio acquisire conoscenze o avere conoscenze ... ? Italian 02.01.2012
una spiacevole questione in una scuola multietnica di Milano Italian 23.12.2011
La banda di Marco Italian 05.12.2011
Caso Deffenu Italian 05.12.2011
Deffenu case English 05.12.2011
A bad affaire in a multiethnical school in Milan English 30.11.2011
Alessandra: caso di stalking Italian 23.11.2011
Bullismo su Facebook Italian 22.11.2011

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