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From this section it is possible to access to a review of good practices, available at national level in the nine European countries involved, addressing the bullying phenomenon. The good practices include: ongoing and past projects, educational initiatives, training courses to teachers, informative and awareness raising campaigns, etc.

Each selected good practice has been reviewed and presented according to a common format. The reviews of the selected good practices are organized in the searchable database below. Please notice that the reviews were made in English and in the national languages.

Country in focus: Italy

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Il progetto Tutor Consulta provinciale studentesca – Rappresentanti di classe/istituto - Insegnanti - Dirigenti scolastici Italia National Project
The tutor project Provincial Student board – Class/Institute representatives – Teachers - School Directors Italy National Project
Peer education: a project to prevent and combat bullying Provincial Student board - Local Health Agency operators - students of grade 11 Italy National Project
L’educazione tra pari: Progetto di prevenzione e contrasto al bullismo Consulta provinciale studentesca - Operatori ASL - Studenti del terzo anno Italia National Project
Tutor project in Lombardy Teachers, students, headmasters, provincial student board, parents Italy National Project
Progetto Tutor della Lombardia Insegnanti, studenti, dirigenti scolastici, genitori e studenti della Consulta provinciale Italia National Project
Pubbliciziamoci Esperti in media education – insegnanti – studenti Torino, Italy National Project
Let’s advertise us! Media education experts – teachers - students Torino, Italy National Project
Io me ne frego! Uno spettacolo sul bullismo Servizio familgia, infanzia e età evoluiva dell’asl di Milano, gruppo teatrale Quelli del Grock, consulenza scientifica Nicola Iannacone, studenti e docenti di scuole secondarie di Milano Italia National Project
I don’t care! a performance about bullying Servizio familgia, infanzia e età evoluiva dell’asl di Milano, gruppo teatrale Quelli del Grock, consulenza scientifica Nicola Iannacone, studenti e docenti di scuole secondarie di Milano Milan, Italy National Project
CircoSTANZA – il circo in una stanza per cambiare le circostanze della vita. VIP, Associazione “Viviamo in Positivo” onlus Italia e Plesso Scolastico Martiri della Resistenza di Nichelino (TO) hanno attivato i laboratori di Circo sociale al cui progetto collaborano 1 educatore, 1 consulente artistico e 1 formatore di cre Nichelino - Torino, Italy National Project
Circumstances - A circus in a room to change the circumstances of life. VIP Association "Let’s live positively" Onlus Italy and non-profit school building Martiri della Restistenza in Nichelino (TO) have organized workshops to carry out a social circus, a project where an educator, an art consultant and a trainer for Nichelino - Torino, Italy National Project
Psycoeducational counselling Rehabilitation center dealing with childhood, adolescence, family Italy National Project
Sportello psicopedagogico Centro di riabilitazione infanzia adolescenza famiglia Italy National Project
Monitoraggio – focus group cinque Direzioni didattiche: Avignana (TO), Cisterna d’Asti (Asti), Fiano (TO), Galliate (NO), Romagnano Sesia (NO), per un totale di 70 insegnanti. Italia Training Course for Teachers
Monitoring focus group five educational institutions: Avignana, Cisterna d'Asti (Asti), Fiano (TO), Galliate (NO), commissioned, for a total of 70 teachers. Italy Training Course for Teachers
Peer education nelle scuole lombarde Referenti di educazione alla salute degli istituti superiori Bertacchi e Maria Ausiliatrice della provincia di Lecco e dell'Ufficio Scolastico Provinciale, operatori dell'ASL di Lecco Italia National Project
Peer education in high schools in Lombardy Representatives of health education Dept of high school Bertacchi and Maria Ausiliatrice in the province of Lecco and the Provincial Education Office, local operators of the National Health Service of Lecco Italy National Project
A Gonfie vele! Responsabili Azione Cattolica Studenti Italia National Project
Booming! Acs Responsibles, Students from Azione Cattolica Italy National Project

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